stylish and functional

Bialetti’s teapots are delicately designed for brewing the perfect cup of tea. Each teapot is equipped with a large stainless steel diffuser which allows your favorite loose leaf tea to expand as it steeps. This teapot is available in an all- glass version for an elegant and stylish design or a plastic-based and handled model for more functionality and durability.

more details

Capacity 42fl oz 1.25L
Material Borosilicate glass
Stovetop Use No
Dishwasher Safe No
Hand Wash Yes
Warranty 2-Year
Capacity 33fl oz 1L
Material borosilicate glass
Stovetop Use No
Dishwasher Safe No
Hand Wash Yes
Warranty 2 Year

instructions for use

  1. Place teapot on a flat, dry and non-slippery surface or trivet
  2. Place tea leaves or other blends into the metal infuser in the teapot
  3. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the teapot leaveing at least one inch between the water and the top of the pot.
  4. Allow tea to steep for the desired amount of time and pour directly into mug
  5. Before using for the first time, rinse the teapot with hot water and discard that water

safety instructions

  • Not suitable for stovetop use
  • Check for the presence of scratches, cracks or chips on the glass container
  • Do not use the teapot if it is scratched, cracked or chipped
  • Hold teapot by the handle when using as glass container will be hot
  • Keep out of reach of children; hot water is dangerous to small children
  • Do not let your children use the teapot unattended
  • Only use plastic of wooden utensils: metal spoons can scratch or chip the glass container and cause breakage
  • Always place teapot on a non-slip heat-resistant surface to avoid burns of any kind
  • To avoid rusting, the steel parts of the teapot should be dried thoroughly before putting away