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It is not an old cliché; Italians really do love drinking coffee at any time of day. They love drinking all kinds of coffee in cafés as well as at home. This is why Bialetti, with an eye for every kind of need, has created special coffee makers that prepare perfect creamy coffees, macchiato coffee with a splash of milk, frothy coffee, cappuccino, espresso and barley coffee. Mukka is an aluminium coffee maker with a handle and knob made of thermal-resistant plastic, for making a creamy cappuccino or espresso in the peace of your own home. For a big breakfast with your kids, the fun design of Mukka recalls spotted cowhide for a coffee maker that is easy to use and striking. Kremina, on the other hand, is the ultimate for macchiato coffee with a dash of milk, or frothy coffee , as well as their variations, the marocchino with milk froth and cocoa, and the mocaccino chocolate-flavoured coffee. Creamy froth, as soft and velvety as at the café, in just a few easy steps: all thanks to the transparent, built-in wand which allows you to choose the desired creaminess. If you're crazy about espresso coffee and you want to spoil yourself with a creamy coffee when you take a break at work or home, Brikka is the only coffee maker that can combine the taste of an espresso made with a moka, and an intoxicating double-cream head, a mouth-watering prelude to an intense, inebriating aroma. But Bialetti’s special coffee makers also do justice to barley blends, thanks to Orzo Express which transforms roasted, ground barley into a delicious, aromatic drink that promotes digestion and is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Design and tradition, all in one barley coffee pot, waiting to be discovered. Last but not least is Chicca, a coffee maker which can be dismantled after the coffee has come up, allowing you to take the pot straight to the table. A fun idea which can also be an original gift.

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