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Coffee capsules: a practical revolution in the coffee world. These small aluminium containers encapsulate all the flavour of a good espresso coffee. Bialetti has sealed its coffee inside Nespresso-compatible capsules to bring you a pleasure-packed break every day. Napoli is the right blend for getting your day off to a brisk start the minute the alarm goes, or for when your energy levels dip in the afternoon. Intense and enveloping, with a dark roast and deep body, it has plenty of caffeine. This gives your coffee an intense, full-bodied flavour and a faint hint of cocoa. Do you enjoy cooking and inviting friends to dinner? Nothing could be better for rounding off a good meal than the Roma blend. This coffee comes in Nespresso-compatible capsules. It is balanced with a lingering flavour, perfect for reviving your taste-buds after a delicious meal. Are you looking to spoil yourself late in the afternoon or after work, without ruining your appetite? Milano is the right blend for those who drink more than one coffee a day, while Torino is an intense yet balanced espresso with a hint of chocolate; a delicious treat that won’t weigh you down. But the Nespresso-compatible capsule range doesn’t end there. Deka and Midnight are the right capsules for those looking for delicate, velvety, creamy flavours that are low in caffeine. 10 capsules of pure unbridled flavour, sealed inside each box. Come and buy them from our online shop; a few clicks is all it takes to have the capsules delivered straight to your home.

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