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Three-way machines

Making coffee is an art rooted in Italy’s traditions. Every sip of coffee tells its story; a story Bialetti has been taking into the homes of Italians with passion and dedication since the early 1900s. Today, thanks to Bialetti’s three-way espresso machines, you can enjoy a coffee at home just like at the café. Choose how you make your coffee from three different options, all with just one espresso machine. The three-way system makes for a versatile espresso machine which is compatible with Bialetti aluminium capsules, ESE (short for Easy-Serving Espresso) pods with coffee sealed inside a paper casing, or with ground espresso coffee. Mokona Trio is the symbol of the moka turned espresso, an electrical appliance which is easy to use; go to town making any type of coffee to suit everyone’s tastes. Espresso, a splash of milk, frothy milk, decaffeinated, long and double, to name but a few. Which coffee do you like best? Every time you switch on your Mokona Trio, you will be spoilt for choice. Friends and family will all be asking you to make a coffee: it’s just like being in a real café. All with the added advantage of being in the comfort of your own sitting room, particularly at special occasions or get-togethers. Use the steam wand to make a delicious, fragrant cappuccino whenever you like. The wand, which produces dry steam, is angled at 40-45°, helping to rotate the milk and ensure the froth is soft and compact. Delicious!

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