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Bialetti-designed coffee cups, sold individually or in sets, make the perfect complement for your moka, coffee maker or espresso machine. Customise your kitchen with Bialetti, matching coffee cups or glasses with cappuccino cups and mugs. Serve guests with an individual, original piece or a coordinated coffee set with an eye-catching design that enhance the aroma and taste of your coffee. An enveloping, unique experience you can repeat any time you feel the need for a relaxing coffee break, alone or in the company of friends and family. Each coffee to its own cup: choose from coffee cups for moka or espresso, or a cup for cappuccino. All are made from exquisite white porcelain and carry the trademark logo of the little man with the moustache. Bialetti has an eye for detail, which it considers a key element of style and personality. For a special treat all for yourself or for enjoying with your other half, a heart-shaped cappuccino cup or a set of two heart-shaped moka or espresso cups. An explosion of taste and romanticism only Bialetti can give. For those who love the practicality of the Anglo-Saxon mug, Bialetti presents its own mug with a classic design and a side plate, not to mention mugs with the Italian flag: witty and original, perfect for infusions and milky coffee as well. Taste and patriotism, all in one!.

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