Open your store with the Mustachioed Man

A Bialetti Franchise is the ideal project for anyone who wants to undertake a shared experience involving passion and Italian-ness.

The coffee ritual:
a market with huge potential

The coffee market in Italy is growing, and continually evolving.
The way that consumers show their love of coffee has changed - from attention and care for new blends to the arrival of the espresso machines. Thus, business opportunities for those who love a world of shared experiences and discoveries have changed and increased. In Italy, coffee continues to be a social ritual, bringing many people together each year. And, generation after generation, it involves consumers in a brand storytelling that each Italian holds close to his or her heart.

A winning formula
a mustachioed formula!

We have a great history of entrepreneurialism, made up of success and lots of innovative ideas.
Our winning formula? Yours!

Discover the benefits of Bialetti franchising:

Goods on consignment. There is no need to pay an advance sum, and no risk of purchasing the wrong amount of items.

No royalties or initial franchise fee.

A formula for small areas with big passion.

Profit margin guaranteed all year: our profit is also yours.

Ongoing support. An expert is available to assist you when you need help.

A great Italian story

The history of Bialetti can be seen in each of its products. Thanks to the perfect combination of excellence and everyday practicality, functional design and emotions, Bialetti has created true Italian icons.

For a hundred years, Bialetti has made innovation one of its cornerstone characteristics, with every product combining creative design and technical expertise. But there is just one secret ingredient, which is impossible to mimic: passion.

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