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The Gran Riserva Bialetti are three selections of fine single origin coffee in Bialetti capsules.
A journey in search of the flavours and aromas of coffee, discovering enchanted places and
distant countries that have a unique history and give coffee a precise identity.

Ethiopia is a fascinating journey in search of the finest coffee origins.
A single origin 100% Arabica coffee with an assertive body and authentic character.
A coffee with an intense, enveloping flavour where notes of jasmine and bergamot, typical of the Ethiopian Yirga Chefe area, stand out and lead us to discover the perfumes and flavours of this place.


Honduras, lively and full-bodied, its bean grows on the remote hillsides of volcanic origin surrounding Santa Barbara.
Very fine and delicate, a single origin, 100% Arabica coffee with a unique, perfectly
balanced, aromatic profile.
All to give us a coffee with a sweet, fruity taste with delicate citrus and blackcurrant notes.


Sumatra, an intense, full-bodied 100% Arabica coffee with low acidity but a strong, assertive character due to the notes of cocoa and tobacco.
Also called Re di Gayo because of its extraordinary quality. This single origin coffee is known
worldwide for its special cultivation method: the local farmers harvest every single bean of this extraordinary coffee by hand at high altitude a whole experience to taste.


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