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Bialetti’s passion for the home is expressed through a complete range of kitchen accessories that is practical and with a unique design. Over the years, our eating habits have changed, shifting the emphasis towards healthier foods and careful selection of ingredients. For this reason, Bialetti has created a range of cooking accessories including sets of frying pans, grill pans, pans, saucepans and innovative sauté pans, all perfect for helping you cook delicious food naturally. Grill or frying pans allow you to rustle up fish, meat and vegetables in a flash, using only a small amount of oil and seasoning without foregoing any of the flavour. Sauté pans are also ideal for braising and stewing, and will ensure your meat dishes are mouth-watering. If you love pasta dishes, the pasta pan with an 18/10 stainless steel strainer will allow you to cook your pasta to perfection and drain it at the right moment, thanks to the practical built-in strainer. The saucepans, on the other hand, lend themselves to making delicious creamy sauces that will bring a special touch to your cooking. Are you a fan of steaming? Bialetti’s steamer and asparagus pan are perfect for you. They cook your food to perfection whilst ensuring the appearance, colour and texture are maintained intact. Indulge in all the aromas and fragrances whilst preparing low-calorie dishes. The technology of Bialetti cookware is combined with the balanced style of the forms, making your sensory experience in the kitchen a new and unique one. The online shop stocks all your products, individually and in sets, in a variety of formats and diameters. All have a heavy bottom and are easy to use, thanks to the non-slip, non-scald and non-burn ergonomic handles in silicone. Are you itching to get cooking? Make every recipe outstanding with the cooking accessories in the Bialetti online shop.

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