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The secret of successful cooking? Using quality ingredients is vital, but choosing equipment suited to the type of cooking is also important for enhancing the flavour of your dishes with a healthy approach. In addition to its traditional range, Bialetti also offers a vast selection of accessories for special cooking techniques. We know cooking is an art and that you want to cook wholesome food, cutting out stress and saving energy so you can serve perfectly cooked food which is a hit with family and guests. If you are short on time and you want tasty, healthy food, order the double strainer pan from the Special Steel Range in the online shop. It will allow you to cook two foods at the same time, like two types of pasta or vegetables. You can even cook them in two different ways, or cook two different foods to serve as a first and second course. The two mesh strainers are lightweight and easy to lift as they are separated. This allows you to manage your foods independently, draining them off at different times and dressing them as wished in another container, or even on the serving dish itself. A similar principle but with only one strainer is found in the pasta pan from the Special Steel Range, ideal for boiling pasta and draining it at the right moment; quick and easy to do, it avoids the risk of scalding or burning yourself. If you are fascinated by steam cooking of Oriental inspiration, the steam pan and asparagus pan from the Special Steel Range will be your pride and joy. Just steam your food without any added fats; they will be cooked evenly and healthily, ensuring the aroma and nutritional elements of the foods are maintained intact. Vegetables, potatoes with the skin on, Indian rice, fish and shellfish all benefit from this type of cooking whilst retaining all their flavour. Bialetti also offers a range of aluminium or cast iron grill pans for cooking fish, meat and vegetables quickly and without fat; they can also be used for fun barbecues with family and friends.

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