Mini Express Déco Glamour set


Opulence, excitement, energy and high society: a journey into the Roaring Twenties, into the history of Bialetti, with geometric, broken patterns for an enchanting party to the rhythm of jazz.
Mini Express is the original coffee maker that not only makes good coffee but serves it directly in two cups that heat up, thanks to the special aluminium support plate, with the gentle heat of the moka pot.
In the new version inspired by Déco Glamour, Mini Express Bialetti becomes a collectible design piece, to take you back to the Roaring Twenties.
Bialetti Mini Express, with its original design, is an invitation to enjoy a cosy moment with the person you love.

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Unscrew the coffee pot: hold the cup rest and, without putting pressure on the column, turn it anti-clockwise until it is completely separated from the boiler.

Fill the boiler with cold water, without the level exceeding the safety valve hole.

Insert the funnel filter into the boiler. Fill the funnel filter with ground coffee, without pressing it, taking care not to leave coffee powder on the edge of the boiler.

Screw the coffee maker together: hold the cup rest and, without putting pressure on the column, turn it clockwise until it fits completely into the boiler.

Tighten firmly to prevent the risk of steam/coffee leakage during dispensing.

Put the coffee maker on the heat source, with the cups under the column on the cup rest; if it is a flame, keep it low to ensure it does not protrude from the edge of the boiler.

In the case of an electric/glass ceramic hob, do not use the maximum intensity.
Body material: aluminium
Easy-clean safety valve
Not suitable for use on an induction hob
Not dishwasher safe


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