Moka Express:
the original Italian Moka coffeemaker, since 1933.

Becoming a #MokaLover is easy

Start by pouring room-temperature
water into the Moka boiler until it reaches the safety valve.

Do not exceed this level or your coffee
will be too watery. 👍

For the best experience, use Perfetto Moka.
❤️ Fill the Moka funnel generously,
without pressing down on the coffee.

Put the Moka on the stove.
A little secret? Set the flame to low and take
your time—great coffee is worth the wait.

When you hear the gurgle, it means
your coffee is ready. Take it off
the burner ... and enjoy.

Real Italy. Real Italians.

Luca Chef

The flavors of home are sacred for us Italians,
and I can say that no Italian kitchen is complete without a Moka.
Good food, taking time to share moments with others,
cooking as a gesture of love ... this is what it means to be Italian ...
And the Moka is precisely that: a little thing that reminds
us how wonderful it is to simply enjoy life.

Annamaria, Designer

Moka is a true Italian Icon. It’s special for two reasons: not only does it make really good coffee, but it is a true work of art in its own right. And it’s important that things are appealing to the eye in Italy. Moka has always been an important part of our kitchens, for both taste and sight.

Carla Grandmother

The Moka is a true icon of Italy. It is part of our history, of our identity.
Personally, I have been using Moka every morning for more than 50 years.
The count is up to you! And the Moka, its slow living, is one of the great legacies we leave in this age of speed and stress.

Do you know Moka history?

Years of change

The beginning of the 20th century is a time of great transformations: these are the years of Futurism, of technological progress, and of social revolutions. From the plane to the radio, people's daily lives are about to change radically.

At home and in the café

It’s then that Alfonso Bialetti decides to revolutionize a daily act and bring coffee -as good as the coffee you’d get in a bar- into the homes of Italians, creating a simple, easy-to-use object.
To make it, he chooses aluminum: a light, resistant material synonymous with modernity.


Alfonso Bialetti

Inspired by laundry

Observing women doing their laundry, he discovers the lisciveuse: a container with a central steel tube that is filled with clothes and placed over the fire. Once the water started boiling, it went up through the tube, distributing the soap evenly ...

The birth of an icon

The original Moka Express debuted in 1933, and has remained virtually unchanged ever since. It was Alfonso's wife who inspired the iconic 8- sided shape of the Moka with her silhouette: the head, the broad shoulders, the narrow waist, the arm on the hip and a pleated skirt ...
And its name is in honor of the city of Mokha in Yemen, famous for a wildly popular coffee.

L'Omino coi baffi

In the 1950s, Renato Bialetti succeeded his father as the head of the company. And in 1958, in homage to Alfonso, the famous figure in Bialetti ads, Omino coi baffi, was born. The cartoon man, with his finger in the air, as if he’s trying to get a bartender's attention to order an espresso, and his slogan "It seems easy ..." are now engraved into the memory of Italians.

Moka Induction

The real Italian coffee experience,
now suitable for induction.