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With Moka Express, helping the planet
is as easy as drinking a coffee

Moka Express only produces biodegradable waste

Once your coffee is ready, you can put the used coffee grounds in the organic waste, but you can also add them to the soil to fertilize your plants. If thown in the sink, they clean the pipes and remove unpleasant odours

It lasts 10 years and calls for minimum maintainance

With an average lifespan of 10 years, Moka Express is a worthwhile investment for your kitchen and you home. Italian families welcomed the Moka in their homes over 80 years ago, and still consider it essential nowadays. Fashion goes, Moka remains

The Moka should only be cleaned with water, no chemical detergents.

You'll only need water to clean your Moka after each use. It willl preserve its wonderful aroma while never loosing its unique taste

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