Bialetti Palermo capsules contain an intense, very dark coffee, with a marked bitter taste that is full of energy.
A coffee that reflects the contrasts and architecture of a city that merges into a union between sky, land and sea, historically linked to the Arabs, the discoverers of coffee.
The box contains 16 Bialetti capsules in 100% recyclable aluminum, designed to best preserve the aroma of the coffee by protecting it from the effects of oxygen, light and humidity to guarantee coffee that is always fresh, as if it had just been ground.
Each capsule contains 7 grams of coffee, for an espresso worthy of a coffee shop!
Intensity: 12

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A coffee that is unique and unmistakable,
just like Bialetti

Our blends are the result of a love story with coffee, going back 100 years. An experience composed of passion and attention to details, which guides us daily as we choose the best coffee cherries, roast each bean for the right amount of time and study the perfect grinding process to guarantee a creamy texture and intense aroma. An authentic Italian experience in every cup.

Aluminum – good for you
and for the planet too

For our capsule design, we have opted for aluminum, a noble metal that can be recycled endlessly with low energy consumption.

Also, aluminum is the best possible material for preserving the coffee’s organoleptic qualities: in this way, every cup is both eco-friendly and perfect in terms of taste.

100% recyclable,
thanks to the capsule opener

Bialetti has come up with a special wooden capsule opener to allow quick and easy disposal of the capsules. Just one quick move and you can separate the various components ready for efficient recycling.

Capsules compatible with Bialetti system
7 g of ground coffee
Intensity 12 extra-strong
Aluminium capsule
Ingredients: roasted and ground coffee packaged in a protective atmosphere
May contain barley and/or milk


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Seven grams of coffee that encapsulate the excellence
of the Bialetti Roasting process.