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All the enveloping flavour of real espresso coffee is entering the homes of Italians, thrilling the senses with Dolcegusto-compatible capsules. A professional product, every bit as good as a coffee from a café, in the comfort of your home. Easy to order from the online shop and prepare with Dolcegusto espresso coffee machines. Napoli is the right blend for getting your day off to a brisk start the minute the alarm goes, or for when your energy levels dip in the afternoon. Intense and enveloping, with a dark roast and deep body, it has plenty of caffeine. This gives your coffee an intense, full-bodied flavour and a faint hint of cocoa. Are you looking to spoil yourself late in the afternoon or after work, without ruining your appetite? Milano is the blend you need. Its finest 100% Arabica origins and exquisite hints of flowers and nuts give it a light, delicate taste. Perfect for coffee buffs like you who enjoy more than one coffee a day. If you want to indulge in a coffee with less caffeine, Deka Bialetti is an aromatic coffee with a fragrant hint of cereal notes. A blend that ensures the aroma of every coffee bean is maintained intact, delivering all the aroma of a delicate, velvet-smooth coffee. A helping hand for your health, without foregoing the flavour. Dolcegusto-compatible capsules, coffee extracts available in your favourite flavours. Ready to use for unique enjoyment, all in one small box of 16 capsules.