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Can we really seal a treat inside an aluminium capsule? Yes, thanks to Bialetti capsules! Choose your favourite flavour, and vary it throughout the day. There are plenty of Bialetti coffee capsules to suit any occasion. Napoli is the right blend for getting your day off to a brisk start the minute the alarm goes, or for when your energy levels dip in the afternoon. Intense and enveloping, with a dark roast and deep body, it has plenty of caffeine. This gives your coffee an intense, full-bodied flavour and a faint hint of cocoa. Do you enjoy cooking and inviting friends to dinner? Nothing could be better for rounding off a good meal than the Bialetti Roma blend. Are you looking to spoil yourself late in the afternoon or after work, without ruining your appetite? Milano is the perfect blend for those who drink more than one coffee a day. Bialetti has all the flavours to suit the many personalities of coffee enthusiasts! If you are a chocoholic, try Torino. This intense but well-balanced espresso has a hint of chocolate. Those in need of a burst of energy should go for Palermo, an intense, extremely dark coffee with a distinctly bitter flavour. Venezia, with its blend of spicy, vanilla overtones, is perfect for the refined palate in search of a unique, enveloping sensation, and is guaranteed to become a must. But Bialetti's range of coffee capsules doesn't end there. Deka, Midnight and Orzo are capsules perfect for those who enjoy delicate, velvety, creamy flavours with little or no caffeine. The Bio capsules release delicious hints of caramel and almond, ensuring the utmost respect for the environment in which the coffee is produced and processed. For a burst of taste and energy, try the delicious Cioccolato capsules with delicate hints of caramel, and Ginseng, for a touch of pampering straight out of the Far East. Each box contains 12 or 16 capsules of pure pleasure. Place your order in the online shop.