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Time of delivery

The delivery of the products purchased on takes place on average within 3/5 working days from the order in Italy and EU and within 8 days for all other destinations.


Delivery times may be delayed in the event of:

• inventory (first week of January) or in case of extraordinary necessity
• in the case of holidays: by way of example but not limited to Christmas, Mid-August and National Holidays (eg 25 April for Italy, 14 July in France, etc.)
• events independent of the will of the actors involved in the distribution chain, such as natural disasters, roadblocks for strikes, demonstrations, road accidents, visits to public figures, etc.
• special promotional events

Carriers do not deliver on public holidays and pre-holidays and on national holidays (for example, but not limited to Christmas, August 15th, April 25th in Italy, July 14th in France, etc.)

For orders made by credit card, at normal shipping times, a working day must be added for normal administrative checks.

For orders made by bank transfer, shipping times will be calculated from the confirmation of payment.

The times indicated are net of:
a) bad weather
b) customs issues
c) problematic places (remote islands, desert locations, etc.)