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To become part of the Bialetti Group means having the ability to be passionate about our world and to learn while working: to make one’s own skills available to the Company and receive opportunities of training, development and exchange of ideas, for a growth that is dynamic and constant.

Our mission? The mission of the Human Resources Team is to attract talent at 360° and to select persons not for a position, but for a career. The resources will have the characteristic for growth, within the Company and alongside the Company, following an individual career path in order to become the managers of tomorrow.

Who are we looking for? Brilliant, driven and motivated people, capable of joining our entrepreneurial reality with an innovative and proactive spirit, oriented towards the achievement of objectives, with organisational and relational skills; people who believe in teamwork in a dynamic environment; people who are the protagonists of their own work which allows them to grow and contribute significantly to the business.

How can one enter into our team? In order to become part of the Bialetti Group the first step is to view the career opportunities available within the offices of the corporate headquarters (Corporate Area) and in the widespread network of commercial outlets (Retail Area) and to send an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.