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If you’re an experienced, qualified and highly specialised professional who has acquired consolidated experience, Bialetti offers you the opportunity of continuing your professional development, working together with commitment, energy and confidence, facing and managing interesting activities and challenging tasks in a lean and dynamic Company.

Bialetti offers interesting professional opportunities both within the offices of the corporate headquarters (Corporate Area) and in the widespread network of commercial outlets (Retail Area).


The many business activities give the possibility of insertion in numerous areas and require the presence of many professional figures:

  • - Marketing, Communication
  • - National and International Sales
  • - Retail
  • - Research & Development and Quality
  • - Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Logistics
  • - Information Systems
  • - Administration, Finance, Management Control
  • - Human Resources

For the Senior Employee profiles, there will be a sequence of individual interviews with both Human Resources and with the line Manager. In addition, based on the profile sought, this process may include some tests.


The products of the Bialetti Group are sold through a qualified distribution network with direct management: the Bialetti Stores. In 2005 the first point of sale was inaugurated: this was the beginning of the creation of a genuine retail chain that in a short time has become very successful and is in continuous growth and expansion both in Italy and abroad. Today Bialetti flagship stores reflect the company’s values and allow each customer to enjoy an emotional experience of buying.

 If you identify yourself with our world of values and are motivated to develop your professionalism within a retail store, send us your nomination for the positions of Sales Clerk, Store Manager and Area Manager.

For the positions of the Retail area, the selection process involves a sequence of individual interviews with the human resources with the line Manager directly at the geographical area of recruitment or at the Company headquarters.