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Bialetti considers it a priority be able to attract talented young people (students, new graduates - with the previous university regulations and the three-year specialist ones - and young people who have earned a Master’s degree from any faculty and specialisation) who, with their quality and their enthusiasm, are able to contribute to the success of the Company, identifying innovative solutions which are useful to face the constant challenges of the market.


The main channel of entrance in the business for these profiles is represented by the training stage or internship (curricular or post-curricular) with a duration of 6 months in all the business functions consistent with one’s aspirations and attitudes.

The internship is an important tool for learning and approaching the world of work for youth and those without experience, through the creation of stimulating projects within the Company. A unique opportunity for young people to gain experience in the field and for the Company to meet talents. In short, an opportunity for each to get to know one other and for reciprocal discovery. During the internship, the resource is followed by a personal Tutor who is responsible to accompany him or her in the implementation of the projects assigned to follow in the path of growth in the Company.

For these Junior profiles the process consists in 3 steps of selection:

  • Group assessment that includes exercises and simulations aimed at the observation of organisational, relational and problem solving capacity;
  • Individual interviews with Human Resources personnel;
  • Individual interviews with the Line Manager of the area of possible placement.


In addition, for university students it is possible to work at the Bialetti Store point of sale with part time contracts, giving the opportunity for one to reconcile study with a professional experience as well as to know and be known by a dynamic corporate reality in rapid development.