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If you are crazy about American-style coffee, Bialetti has the perfect solution for you! Filter or American-style coffee is a drink made with coffee. One of the best versions makes the coffee using a plunger fitted with a filter that separates the ground coffee from the infusion. To allow you to make it quickly, Bialetti has created its French press. A modern design, an exclusive handle in thermal-insulating plastic, 18/10 stainless steel body and a robust borosilicate glass container which can easily be washed in the dishwasher, made perfect for the task by its ability to withstand heat and sudden temperature changes. Make a delicious filter coffee using Bialetti’s strong, aromatic blends in just a few moves. Just pour as much of the coarsely-ground coffee into the French press as you wish. Add hot (not boiling) water, leave the coffee to infuse for a few minutes, then press down the plunger of the filter which separates the drink from the coffee grounds, and it's ready. In a short space of time, you’ll have up to 8 12 cups of coffee to enjoy with your colleagues at work, or at home for a longer, relaxing break. Bialetti's French press not only makes excellent coffee; it also allows you to prepare delicious infusions and herbal teas to enjoy when you relax, or to make a comforting bedtime drink for you and your children. Once you’ve discovered it, you’ll never want to be without it again in your kitchen. Have fun choosing from Bialetti’s range of cups and mugs to sip your drink at leisure.

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