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Becoming part of the Bialetti Group does not mean merely choosing a job, but embracing a passion and set of values. The world of Bialetti is made up, above all, of people: it is their ideas, talent and skill that allow the company to grow both in Italy and abroad.​


Becoming part of the Bialetti Group means becoming a member of a great team. Indeed, it means becoming acquainted with experts in the world of coffee, who share stories, passions and experience to help you reach your full potential.


Our ideal candidates are clever, motivated, keen to share their passion for this work with others and, why not, a cup of coffee together.


Do you want to join the Bialetti Group? Take a look at our career opportunities in Vacancies, decide whether to apply for our Corporate Area or Stores, and send us your updated résumé.​

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If you are a professional with significant experience and qualifications, Bialetti offers you the opportunity to continue your professional growth either at our Headquarters (Corporate Area) or in the commercial network of retailers (Stores Area).

Corporate Area

Bialetti's many business activities require the presence of different professional figures in numerous areas:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • National and International Sales
  • Retail
  • Research & Development and Quality
  • Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Information Systems
  • Administration, Finance, Management Control
  • Human Resources

For Senior Employee profiles the selection procedures consist of individual interviews with both the Human Resources manager​ and the manager of the proposed work area. In addition, the selection process may include some tests.

Stores Area

If you identify yourself with our set of values and you are motivated to develop your professional growth within our commercial network of retailers, apply for the positions of Sales Clerk, Store Manager and Area Manager.
The selection procedures consist of individual interviews with both the Human Resources manager and the manager of the proposed work area. Interviews could take place either at the geographical area of recruitment or at our Headquarters.


Are you ready for a challenge, to enter the world of work? Here at Bialetti we believe in young talent, in their energy and ideas. Don’t wait, apply now: we will find you a position that meets your expectations!

Corporate Area

The main entrance route to the company for Junior staff is through an internship, either as part of their course or at the end of their studies. Lasting 6 months, internships can be activated in all parts of the company, according to the trainee’s profile.​

During the internship, the trainee is followed by a tutor who supports him or her during assigned projects and promotes their growth path. The internship is, therefore, an important opportunity to gain experience in the field, putting your skills to the test, and building a future within the company.​

For Junior internship candidates, the selection procedures consists of two steps:​

  • individual interviews with the Human Resources manager
  • individual interviews with the manager of the proposed work area.

Stores Area

For university students who are yet to finish their studies, Bialetti offers the chance to work in the Bialetti Stores with part-time contracts: an experience that can reconcile studying with a first professional experience in a dynamic company.


If you'd want to join the Bialetti Group, you are in the right place!

Area Corporate

Work with us at our Headquarter in Coccaglio, Brescia.

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Work with us in our commercial network of retailers, spread throughout Italy.

Discover our current vacancies


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