Bialetti and coffee

A passion born
from over 100 years of experience
in the coffee world

Our experience

Thanks to our experience in the world of coffee, we are able to handle in-house each stage of the roasting: from the selection of beans to the roasting, from degassing to final packaging.

We have thus created a method of specific and flawless blending: the Bialetti method.

This method has resulted in the birth of a unique and unmistakable coffee in Coccaglio, in the heart of Franciacorta.

The Bialetti method


The initial stage, when we search for the most refined beans to select those which best represent the taste of genuine Italian espresso.


18 minutes for each bean,
in order that the whole aromatic spectrum
of each coffee type can emerge..


To achieve the right level of carbon dioxide and give you a unique espresso, our blends are left to rest for at least two weeks in a controlled temperature environment.

Final packaging

We make self-protecting capsules in aluminum and soft bags, with an aroma seal that acts as a barrier against oxygen and light to preserve the coffee aroma as long as possible and guarantee a perfect espresso.

An authentic Italian
experience in every cup.

Blends that stand out for their quality and taste, for the close attention when choosing the best beans and the care paid to every detail.