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Bialetti Exclusive

The new collection from Bialetti, which celebrates the unmistakable style of our tradition,
in a new and modern take.

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From the 1960s

The Bialetti Exclusive collection celebrates the style of the 1960s and the original design of the Moka Express. A journey back in time, to rediscover the roots of a tradition and an icon.

To today

Starting from the distinctive traits that transformed the Moka Express and Bialetti coffee makers into icons, a new range of products with a vintage and refined taste has been created.  ​

Stylish colours and details

Original colours and a glossy finish. Along with an embossed logo and handle with an exclusive, sophisticated design​

Moka Exclusive

Moka Express in a new, smart and unique version... in short, exclusive.

Moka Exclusive

Moka Express in una nuova veste elegante e unica, in una parola exclusive

Bialetti man with chrome effect and embossed mould logo

Ergonomic, vintage-style handle

Silicone gasket

Boiler with protective coating

Moka Exclusive

Moka Exclusive

Moka Induction

Moka Induction, the Moka created for induction hobs – but suitable for all hob types – in an exclusive design, with guaranteed performance.


Brikka Noir

Brikka, the coffee maker that makes creamy coffee just like at the bar, comes in an Exclusive version that retains all the features that have made coffee lovers fall in love with it. It also features a new handle, somewhere between the vintage handle of the 1960s and the ergonomic handle of the current model, to guide the fingers in the grip.​


Moka Italia

The unmistakable Moka Italia celebrates the Bel Paese through the colours of the Italian flag. The special features of the Exclusive model include the coating of its components (to ensure a longer life span) and a new, exclusive handle. Meanwhile, the characteristics that make this pot a symbol of Italian-ness remain unchanged.



Moon is a coffee maker with smart and minimalist features that works on all types of cooktop, including induction, thanks to being made entirely in stainless steel. Only the black soft-touch knob and handle are in another material.


Induction plate

The Bialetti induction plate is suitable for all coffee makers and small pots. Made entirely of steel, it allows perfect heat transmission on all induction hobs.